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Music has always been a dominant fixture in Dheepa’s life and can be traced far back to her family roots; her grandmother was a professional Hindustani singer in India. At an early age, she moved from her birthplace in Vancouver, Canada, to Dallas, TX, and began studying Indian and Western Classical music before her teenage years. She continued her studies and vocal performance throughout high school and later in greater depth during college at Southern Methodist University.


A parallel professional pursuit led Dheepa to New York City in the early 2000s for several years and then Los Angeles, CA. Following her move to the West Coast, she established herself within the local music scene and gained experience leading her own group with the help of renowned bassist, composer, and educator Rob Kohler. She released her first recording in 2010 entitled, On 4th Street, followed by her second album, Some New Fashion, the following year. In 2012, Dheepa relocated back to New York City, where she quickly immersed herself within the city’s busy music scene and performed in renowned venues such as Rockwood Music Hall. In 2015, she partnered with pianist and arranger Lars Potteiger to record her third album, Patchwork, produced by Aaron Nevezie.


Dheepa’s latest release, Good Intentions, is somewhat of a departure from her earlier Jazz-influenced recordings and embraces a more contemporary and soulful feel. For the recording, she paired with renowned Brazilian producer and guitarist Sandro Albert and assembled a band of top New York session musicians to bring her many original compositions to life. 

Most recently, Dheepa has released several singles as part of her cover series, including tracks "Inside Out," and "Hang On To Your Love." This September, she will release the full album Light Of Day, which will feature the complete series.

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